Best Wedding Photography Workshops of 2018
'One of the best wedding photography workshops to attend in 2018'

Julie B Wedding Photography
" An inspiring and emotional experience that left me with a renewed passion and hunger for the industry that we are in. I just knew that this workshop was going to be a game changer for me. I was right. As soon as I walked through the door, I walked into smiling faces and open arms. No huddle of 'big names' keeping to themselves and waiting for their attendees to sit and be spoken to. We were made to feel like we were all on a level playing field. After the first day, I already felt like a changed person. By the end of day two, I left holding back tears. I didn't want it to end and I felt like I had changed. I can't thank you enough, I can't speak highly enough of what you gave us over two days and I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with me in saying it has been the best workshop they've ever attended. "

Lauren McGuiness Wedding Photography
" Incredible! The most insightful 2 days from industry experts. I have learned so many valuable things that will shape the future of my business. Everything benefited me! Before I'd even left the workshop I felt as though my business had already changed for the better. Meeting other photographers has made me feel a lot more confident, and happy I have made those connections. The workshop has taught me so many different things, I couldn't pick one thing as the whole experience was perfect and exactly what I needed. "

" When I first saw this 2 day workshop advertised I knew I had to sign up, Paulo Santos and The Twins are amazing photographers, very inspiring AND they are both from the North East! I was very nervous and anxious before arriving but once there I was made to feel so welcome. The workshop content was brilliant, we covered a lot over the 2 days. The 2 guest speakers, Nigel John and Heather Shuker were great, they were so approachable, helpful and gave great honest advice. I feel very lucky to have been a part of it, Paulo and Caroline could not have done more. I wanted to attend this workshop to try and gain a bit more confidence in myself and in my business, I felt I needed a push in the right direction, after having my 2nd child things had been but on hold and I needed some inspiration and a bit of guidance as to what to do next. Time spent in great company has ignited my passion to become the best I can be at what I do, I know it will take time but I looking forward to the journey. I would highly recommend this workshop to photographers who want to up their game and see things from a fresh perspective.

I loved every minute of the workshop and wouldn't have changed a thing. I wasn't expecting to leave the workshop on Friday evening feeling very emotional and overwhelmed, but I did, I'm still trying to get my head around everything and looking forward to getting on with my new branding and website. Especially looking forward to my next wedding to put into practise what the two of you shared with us. Thanks for Constellation. I loved it! "

Luke Bell Photography
I had a 1-2-1 meeting with Paulo and thoroughly enjoyed my time learning about from him. I found him to be open and honest about each different aspect of wedding photography that we touched upon and I would highly recommend anyone considering a session to just book one!

Paulo took me through each step: From initial enquiry to delivery of the final images while allowing us to spend more time concentrating on the specific areas I was looking to improve. He also took the time to look through my portfolio and website and offered genuinely helpful suggestions on how to improve them. At the end of the session, I felt confident about the direction my work is heading while having plenty of notes on how to build and improve my business going forward - thanks Paulo!

GASP Wedding Photography
I came on this workshop as I was wanting to reassure myself that I was on the right track. Paul and Caroline’s work has always been so inspiring to me. I came away from the workshop feeling refreshed and reassured that I’m on the right track. I feel this workshop is more beneficial as it was smaller number of participants so you received much more individual support and I felt Paul and Caroline took the time to get to know my brand and where I am in my business.

Inloveness Wedding Photography
" An experience. Through our email conversations, Paulo was able to hone in on exactly what I had been struggling to articulate myself and tailor our conversations to both my weaknesses and strengths. I am a moment-driven photographer but have struggled to find the balance within an industry that, I feel, wants wedding photographers to be every-moment-driven. "How many images will I get?" is the #1 question I receive. Paulo shared how he challenges this POV, educating his clients from website to delivery. Hearing his approach affirmed my own philosophy and has already given me the confidence to be, as Paulo describes, the 20% (of wedding photographers who are 'different'). I felt that I was able to see his own behind the scenes AND better understand the mentality of inquiring brides. I've asked myself the 'why' to what I do many times, but have not given much thought to the 'why' of brides. Why are they booking me? And, just maybe, does it go beyond a photograph? What is the experience they expect? And how can I set myself apart from everyone around me in EVERY aspect? Paulo shared that and more. Thank you! "